Best Trampoline Reviews – Top 10 Comparison & Buying Guide

Best Trampoline Reviews & Guide

So you’re interested in buying a trampoline for your kids or maybe for yourself, right? Well upon initially thinking, you may have thought that picking a trampoline wouldn’t be something you’d have to worry too much about; well obviously you’ve found that out for yourself otherwise you wouldn’t be here, am I right? In fact, there’s hundreds of different types of trampolines which are designed to suit different audiences and age ranges.

Research is definitely key when it comes to deciding which will be more beneficial and practical for your uses. Some come in different sizes, some use springs and some don’t, and some have netting. Keep on reading and you’ll get a better idea. We’ll also be going over our top 10 trampoline reviews to give you a helping hand.


The Different Types

So let’s start off with giving you an insight to the many different types of trampolines that they have out in the market. To you, you may just see them as something that you bounce up and down on and that’s it. An easy way to differential two different types is by comparing a backyard trampoline to a local club trampoline (or those you often find at fairgrounds) see what I mean, completely different.

The Rebounder

I’m pretty sure by now that all of us have at one point or another seen one of those mini trampolines in somebody’s garden. Yep, those are called the rebounders and they are generally used for exercise purposes rather than entertainment. They are used by an individual person and the purpose is to increase the users heart rate. The size makes them easily portable and can easily hide them away under a bed for example so it doesn’t get in the way. Making this beneficial for those who have limited living space.

Let’s take a look at some specifications:

  • It’s fun to use, but not as fun as the bigger trampolines (we’ll get to them)
  • A height you can achieve is quite low, but it is designed like that to alleviate the stress on your feet.
  • Can help you improve your balance, coordination, and possibly your blood circulation.
  • Very cheap and reliable addition to your workout!

Circular Trampolines

These types of trampolines are the most common nowadays. They have been available for many years now and are very enjoyable. When it comes to choosing a specific model, it can be quite a task to accomplish because there’s so many different styles, sizes, brands, and features out there. If you have a particularly large garden that has grass, then this is probably the style you should go for.

Let’s take a look at some specifications:

  • They are the most common types and are continuously improving to making them better and safer.
  • Can be used by all ages, there’s no restrictions but some specific trampolines to have warning labels to the minimum age. If you have netting around the trampoline, then don’t worry about that.
  • Most are easily transportable and setup by a single person, but obviously having multiple people will make things easier.
  • Can achieve quite high heights and is very reliable and enjoyable.

Rectangular Trampolines

These are less commonly found in people’s gardens, but it’s not unusual to see. These are the type that people use to train for something (like the Olympics for example) and can be found at fun fairs and carnivals.  These types of trampolines are very expensive and can cost anything up to $10,000 due to their performance and quality.

Let’s take a look at some of the specifications:

  • You can achieve great height.
  • The padding around the trampoline is a lot thicker that of the other trampoline types.
  • They are very large! You’ll need a significantly large garden in order to fit one of these in naturally.
  • Can be used to perform wicked tricks and stunts.

Top 10 Trampoline Reviews

So now that we’ve gone over the fundamentals, now comes the time to start looking into some specific trampoline models to buy, right? We know that looking online and searching around for positive reviews can be a hassle, so down below are our top 10 trampoline reviews in 2016


10) Springfree Trampoline- 13ft Jumbo Square With Basketball Hoop & Ladder

This is a super popular trampoline from the brand Springfree Trampoline. The product is definitely a costly option to go for but the cost comes with enough features to be satisfied about too. Comparing with the features and the cost, this is a valued item that you can buy and be happy about. Oh by the way, this trampoline is considered as one of the safest trampolines in the world so you might keep that in consideration too.


  • There is hardly any other trampoline which is safer than this one
  • No harmful springs guaranteed
  • Can carry up to 330 pounds per person


  • Very costly to go for (though it has monthly finance options)
  • Extra large to set up

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9) AlleyOOP 14′ VariableBounce Trampoline with integrated Safety Enclosure

Starting off the list will be the AlleyOOP 14’ VariableBounce. This trampoline is only suitable for those with rather large gardens as it is /a big trampoline. It’s able to hold up to 245 lbs, allowing multiple people to use it at once.

This trampoline was designed to be both fun and safe and you’re able to achieve great heights thanks to the way it is designed. Though it is quite expensive, it’s very well made. It’s better to pay for something like this that has great quality rather than a cheap trampoline that you’ll have to replace within a few months.; not to mention is wouldn’t be safe.


  • Easy to assemble – possibility of one person putting it together within the space of an hour.
  • Value for money – Though the price tag may seem a bit high, you’re paying for a quality product that will outlast cheaper trampolines.
  • Great heights – Because of VariableBounce technology, you’re able to bounce higher and smoother compared to others that don’t have it.


  • No ladder – No trampoline to make it child friendly. Though it’s quite common they don’t come with trampolines, it would be a good additional noting the price.
  • The off-putting price-tag – The high price tag will inevitably turn people’s heads away upon first viewing.


To conclude, this trampoline is definitely a good one. It’s safe, durable, and most importantly, fun! Its elegant design also makes it look good in the garden. It’s highly rated by customers for a reason. If you’re somebody that’s on a tight budget then continue reading, we’ll be going into cheaper trampolines.

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8) Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

Coming up next we have the Skywalker Trampoline. The reason we put this trampoline above the previous one is because of the incredibly generous price tag. Being almost five times cheaper than the AlleyOOP 14’, it’s definitely turning some heads. This one is probably one of the best option when it comes to buying a family trampolines. Why’s that? Well with it being 15’ and supporting a huge amount of weight, you can easily see why.

You’ll also receive a free enclosure with this trampoline. It’s not just a typical enclosure though, it is integrated with a patented button hole feature that keeps the enclosure in place. You certainly won’t have to worry about the net coming down if you throw yourself into it.


  • The steel frame is very stable, making it better for multiple people using it at one time
  • The assembly is relatively easy, though could be made easier with clearer instructions.
  • This has to be one of if not the most affordable 15’trampoline on the market. Usually you’d be paying nothing less than $500.


  • Since this is a conventional trampoline with a metal frame, it’s not as safe as springe-free trampolines, but it’s definitely reliable.
  • Some customers have noted that this has arrived with missing parts. But that’s a rare occurrence.


Myself along with thousands of others have nothing but positive things to say about this trampoline. The positives definitely outshine the negatives, but improvements definitely can be made. The instruction manual for example, is quite poorly put together. Small improvements like this can overall an already great product that much better.

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7) Exacme 6W Legs Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Ladder All-in-One Combo Set

Next on the list we have the Exacme 6w legs trampoline. This one has pretty much the same price as the Sky Walker, and essentially the same look. So here is what makes this trampoline different:


  • These ones are TUV certified, obviously. But also, the have GST and UV testing approved making it much safer.
  • It is provided with sturdy straps and ropes to secure net to trampoline, so these funny accidents on YouTube won’t happen.
  • Galivinized Steel heavy duty frame making it water proof and rust resistant.
  • weight limit is a huge 280 lbs. beating the Sky walker with almost 80 lbs.

So yeah, you don’t have to worry about your child falling through the net or outside it.


  • The instructions for assembly is not clear enough.
  • ladder isn’t wide enough


I would rate this trampoline a 4.5/5. The positive aspects definitely outshine the negative ones. But small improvements can be made like the ladder size and assembly instructions for example.

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6) Zupapa 15 14 12 Ft TUV Approved Trampoline with Enclosure net and pole & Safety Pad & Ladder & Jumping Mat & Rain Cover

The Zupapa trampoline is well built, reasonably priced and much better than your run of the mill trampolines. I like this one personally to be honest. It costs 100 $ more than the Sky Walker but this one is built with a larger size! and more importantly, WARRANTY. It’s also TUV certified making it safe for your children. (or making it safe for you if you want to have some fun too! ). It also Has a HUGE weight capacity of 375 lbs.

This trampoline totally beats the Sky Walker and the Exacme but for a higher price.

Here is a brief description, pros and details about this product:

WARRANTY info : Six Months Warranty for Trampoline Pads and Enclosure Nets; One Year Warranty for Jumping Mats and Springs; Three Years Warranty for Trampoline Frames. A replacement for any defective part will be supplied free of charge.

longer net poles and two steel joints with Each pole and leg are bungled tightly at two places to make trampoline much safer and firm, and prevents structural twisting!

Jumping mat is made from heavy-duty, UV protection polypropylene for strength and durability.

When ordered, all the accessories will be received, as a galvanized big steel ladder (recall the Excame). And a Rain cover! And no drilling is required to assemble the trampoline.


I couldn’t find anything bad to say about this trampoline. Many customers only left positive comments. although it might be a bit pricey, it’s totally worth it and your children will LOVE IT!

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5) Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

The Ultega Jumper trampoline is a 14 ft. simple trampoline with a safety net provided. This is one of the cheapest trampolines in the market right now if compared to other trampolines from the same brand. The frame height is good enough so you don’t have to worry about your child falling outside it. All thanks to the improved High-quality net surrounding the entire jumping area for tall and short jumpers.

Its weight capacity is a bit low compared to the Zupapa and the Excame, but I personally think that a weight capacity of 200lb is more than enough for you child.


  • generous price tag
  • High Quality safety net


  • It’s unlikely to hold against strong winds.
  • the assembly process is long and complicated, but Ultega Customer Service is very helpful
  • unclear instructions.


This seems like a very nice trampoline. The negative comments are all about short term problems like assembly. I would recommend it specially for its high safety levels.

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4) Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure, 15-Feet

Coming up next on the list we have another trampoline from Sky Walker. This time, they have designed their trampoline to be rectangular rather than the typical circle design. This design definitely does have some head turning. Like many others, this trampoline is included with a safety net which is very reliable, so jumping around and performing tricks will no longer be a worry. Because of the larger size they have decided to create this trampoline with extra legs to support the great size and weight on the trampoline.

Reliability and durance is reassured with the addition of quality UV resident material, this means that the trampoline will be bother water resistant and is very unlikely to rip.

  • Includes a free set of galvanized wind stakes.
  • Enclosure net interlocks to the jumping mat by using a button-hole feature
  • Enclosure netting made of high-quality polyethylene material for increased durability and UV protection
  • Extra wide UV protected spring pad is filled with 1 inch thick foam padding for comfort and durability


  • The weight capacity is limited compared to other trampolines of the same price
  • Assembly instructions are not clear enough for the moderate user.


Apart from its small weight capacity, the trampoline has a perfect design for safety that is everyone’s concern. I would totally recommend it.

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3) Skywalker SWTC17BWS Oval Trampoline and Enclosure with Wind Stakes (17-Feet)

Up next on the top 10 reviews list we have another trampoline created by the great Skywalker. If you haven’t realized by now, you’ll be seeing a lot of the Skywalker trampolines popping up on this list. This one is 2ft wider than the previous Skywalker trampoline that has appeared on this list. With the great size of 17ft, there’s no doubt that there’s going to be plenty of room for you and a few people to have fun bouncing around without worry about bumping into one another.

This trampoline has an oval shaped surface and has extra legs to support the large size. The Stay-Put enclosure net design uses a button-hole feature interlocking the enclosure netting directly to the jump mat away from the springs and frame creating a gap free jumping environment with no ropes to thread

So all in all, this trampoline is very similar to the previous one above.


  • Set of 4 galvanized wind stakes included
  • Galvanized steel frame with reinforced T-sockets stabilize the upper enclosure frame to the trampoline frame and prevents structural twisting
  • Enclosure net interlocks to the jumping mat by using a button-hole feature attaching the enclosure netting to the jumping surface at each V-ring
  • Enclosure netting made of high-quality polyethylene material for increased durability and UV protection
  • Extra wide UV protected spring pad is filled with 1-inch-thick foam padding for comfort and durability


  • Like the issue with all the sky walkers, the assembly instructions are not clear enough
  • A bit pricey


This Trampoline is perfect when speaking in terms of endurance, durability and safety for your children, I would totally recommend it .

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2) Spring free Trampoline – 10ft Medium Round With Basketball Hoop & Ladder (SKU 8O-1131-E70G)

Coming up next what I would call: The beast of all Trampolines. This is one if not the safest trampoline in the world because it passed a lot of safety certified tests.  It’s not too big and nor is it too small. The soft bounce technology obviously means this trampoline is more targeted at the younger audience rather than adults.

Because this is a spring-free trampoline, the safety level is sky higher than those that have springs. Spring-free trampolines are by far the safest design mechanisms out there due to the low risk of springs popping out and catching you in the eye as well as being able to bang your head on them.

Because of this, it eliminated the possibility of 90% of trampoline-related incidents happening.

What’s more is that the frame of the trampoline is out of the way underneath the trampoline. I personally have had head injuries with the metal bar, so this is a great addition.

However, safety doesn’t necessarily always mean boring, this trampoline has something called tgoma technology. Which means the trampoline will have interactive digital games connected! With entertainment like this the challenge of getting your kids out of the house has just been lessened.

  • Has been deemed the world’s safest trampoline
  • Patented rod based system – No dangerous or harmful springs
  • R79 – Jumper weight rating of 250 pounds, Structural load capacity 1100 pounds
  • Leave your trampoline outside year round. trampolines all have double powder coated galvanized steel frames for long lasting use, UV resistant polypropylene nets & mats, composite fiberglass rods
  • Purchase Includes: R79 Spring free Trampoline, Flex Hoop (Basketball Hoop) and Flex Step (Ladder)


  • A BIG PRICE TAG. The trampoline is very pricey compared to any other trampoline listed on this list.
  • Assembly is a little hard to understand at first.


If you are willing to spend some money on something safe, durable and long lasting. This is your choice.

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1) Spring free Trampoline – 11ft Large Square With Basketball Hoop & Ladder (SKU N9-RTK3-0DMI)

 Coming next on the list is another great trampoline! This is also a spring free trampoline but with a square design this time. Provided with a basketball hoop and a ladder (for that extra replay value) This trampoline also has a soft bounce and plenty of jumping space. Designed for large yards and children (and adults!) of all ages. Spring free Trampoline’s

patented design eliminates 90 per cent of all product-related trampoline injuries. On a Spring-free Trampoline there are no dangerous springs to hit, the frame is beneath the jumping surface and out of harm’s way and the flexible enclosure keeps you safely on the trampoline.

Springfree Trampoline featuring tgoma is the first outdoor interactive digital game system that encourages kids to go outside and be active

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Some special features in this trampoline:



These nets are soft to the touch.  They are resistant to tearing, running and fraying.  The fact that they have been UV tested to twice the industry standard means they can stand up to even the strongest sunlight.


Hidden Frame

There’s no chance of you hurting yourself on these trampolines.  The Springfree frames are located well beneath the jumping surface.  They’re load tested to 500kg (1100lb).  They are sprayed with three layers of rust protection to protect them from rusting or peeling.  And on top of that, every frame is inspected for quality before it leaves the factory.


SoftEdge Mat

These mats are made from soft yet durable geo-textile fabric that can hold up to 700kg (1540lb) of static weight).  Unlike padding, their impact protection doesn’t deteriorate.  In fact, they have been shown to absorb 30 times more impact than padding.  They’ve also been tested to withstand more than 5,000 hours of exposure to harsh sunlight.


Mat rods and net rods

Did you know Springfree mat and net rods are made from the same super-strong material as Boeing’s newest airplanes?  Three times stronger than steel, these rods have been tested to withstand millions of bouncing sessions.


Why buy one of these trampolines?

1: They’re regarded as being among the safest in the world

2: The patented rod-based system does away with the need for dangerous springs.

3: They can take a jumper weight of up to 250lbs and a structural load capacity of 1100 pounds.

4: You can leave these trampolines outside in all weathers, thanks to their double powder-coated galvanized steel frames, UV-resistant nets and mats and composite fiberglass rods.

5: There are extras: purchase includes S113 Springfree trampoline, a Flex Hoop basketball hoop and a Flex Step ladder.


Possible cons:

1: It’s the second most expensive trampoline on our list.

2: Like all trampolines, its assembly instructions can be difficult to understand.



This trampoline may be expensive but it’s bound to please your children.

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Why buy one of these trampolines?

1: They’re regarded as being among the safest in the world

2: The patented rod-based system does away with the need for dangerous springs.

3: They can take a jumper weight of up to 250lbs and a structural load capacity of 1100 pounds.

4: You can leave these trampolines outside in all weathers, thanks to their double powder-coated galvanized steel frames, UV-resistant nets and mats and composite fiberglass rods.

5: There are extras: purchase includes S113 Springfree trampoline, a Flex Hoop basketball hoop and a Flex Step ladder.


 Here are some things I’ll bet you never knew about trampolines.

The history of the trampoline starts in 1936.

In that year, George Nissen and Lary Griswold were students at Iowa University in the US.  They were both on the gymnastics team and they were inspired by trapeze artists that they had seen using nets in their performances.  Following their example, they stretched some canvas across an iron frame and in so doing; they created the very first modern trampoline.

They used it to help gymnasts train but soon realized that their design could be of interest to others outside their sport.  They even imaged it being used to play team sports such as Spaceball – a game that would involve two teams of two on a single trampoline that was fitted with specially-constructed end ‘walls’ and a middle ‘wall’ through which a ball could be propelled to hit a target on the other side’s end wall.

It took them a while to come up with a name for their creation.  While they were on a tour of Mexico in the late 1930s, they heard the Spanish word trampolín which means a diving board and decided that it was perfect as the trademark for their new design.

In 1942, Griswold and Nissen created the Groswold-Nissen Trampoline and Tumbling Company in Iowa, from where they started to make the world’s first commercial trampolines.


Did you know trampolines have been used in wars?

During World War II, the United States Flight School used the trampoline to train pilots and navigators.  It gave them a way of practicing special orientation as they had never been able to do before.

After the war, trampolines were called into use once again in the space flight program.  Both American and Soviet astronauts gained experience of the variable body positions they’d encounter in flight thanks to trampolines.


Trampolines have been used in education!

A team from the University of Bremen, the German Aerospace Centre and the Corporation used a trampoline as the basis for their ‘Gravity Jumper’, a device that demonstrates weightlessness.

When someone jumps on a trampoline, an acceleration effect is added to the usual gravitational force.  These forces combine and the jumper appears to become heavier.

As soon as they leave the trampoline, the jumper experiences free fall, which means that they appear weightless and they do not feel their acceleration because of gravity.

During the German experiments, the jumpers wore acceleration sensors which were fastened to them with a belt.  This sensor transmitted data to a computer and from this; the researchers were able to see just how acceleration caused weightlessness.  It could never have happened were it not for that trampoline!


Trampolines are good for your health.

Sometimes we wonder why everybody isn’t bouncing their way back to health.  They would if they knew just how easy and enjoyable it is to use a trampoline as a way to get fit and healthy.


For example, did you know that various studies have shown that jumping on a trampoline is one of the most effective ways of reducing cellulite?  See the separate article on cellulite if you want to learn more.


Trampolining has also been proven to be a better form of exercise than running and many other forms of exercise.  When you combine this with the fact that it’s something you can do at home, it’s surprising that more people don’t jump on their trampoline.


But before you rush out to the garden and commandeer your children’s trampoline and start a big family argument, why not consider investing in one of your own?  There are specially-designed mini trampolines or rebounders which you can buy that you don’t need to share with anyone.


Here’s why trampolining is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise for adults.

When you jump on a trampoline, you experience a brief state of weightlessness at the top of your jump but when you reach the mat again, your body experiences as much as 4Gs of gravitational force.  This is what makes trampolining different and it’s what gives trampolining the combination of health and fitness benefits that no other exercise can provide.


These benefits are:

1: Having fun while losing weight and keeping fit:

According to NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology, rebounding exercise (such as trampolining) is 66% more efficient than jogging.  Using the example of a 150-pound individual, they found that person would burn more calories on a trampoline than they would if they went jogging for an hour.  We think that person had more fun too.

There’s more evidence in favor of trampolining too.  Long hours of cardio exercise can backfire because prolonged periods of exercise that makes you breathless can lower metabolism.  This doesn’t happen with trampolining because if you rebound at a moderate pace, you can still breathe comfortably.  So, you’ll get all the benefits of exercising without lowering your metabolism.  This means that you’re more likely to lose weight.

For the most effective weight loss, you should try trampolining for 15 to 20 minutes at least three times a week.

Before you know it, you’ll see that you’re jumping your way to fitness.


2: Increasing lymphatic flow in the body

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that helps the body to flush out toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.  If you increase the lymphatic flow, you’ll make getting rid of all of these a whole lot easier.

Think of your lymphatic system as the garbage can of your body.  It’s a garbage can that uses your body’s own movement as its pump.  This means that the more you move, the better it works.

By jumping on a trampoline, you’re using your whole body.  This causes the lymphatic valves to open and close, which has been shown to increase the flow by as much as fifteen times.

Get that garbage can working and start jumping.


3: Trampolining helps the body’s own detoxification systems.

Every moment of every day, your body is busy clearing itself of toxins.  Trampolining helps to improve this natural process.

Here’s how it does it.  When jumping, you achieve a weightless state at the top of each jump and you experience strong gravitational forces on each bounce.  This shift in gravity benefits every muscle and cell in the body and is hugely beneficial to your lymphatic system.

The blood in your body contains lymphatic fluid which is transferred into body tissues from the blood vessels.  This fluid carries food to these cells and then collects waste products, bacteria and damaged cells in return.

By jumping, you’re improving the efficiency of this process and you’re detoxifying your own body.

For the best effects, try trampolining for 15 minutes daily.


4: Trampolining boosts the immune system

The lymphatic system is a vital part of our immune system.  It’s what helps to defend us against viruses, bacteria and infection.

Here’s the science part.  Our lymph gland contains white blood cells called lymphocytes which are responsible for fighting infections in our body as well as destroying damaged or abnormal cells.  Trampolining increases the efficiency of our lymphatic flow by as much as 15 times, which keeps our immune system in tip-top condition to ensure our optimum health.

As if that weren’t enough, by boosting our immunity and removing toxins, trampolining can also slow down the aging process.  Is there no end to the positive effects of trampolining?


5: Trampolining helps to reduce or get rid of cellulite

Calling all women: did you know that jumping on a trampoline can remove those unsightly bumpy bits from your thighs and buttocks?  It does it by functioning in much the same way as a pump.  By pumping your body on the trampoline, you will start to positively impact on your thyroid gland.  You’ll stimulate it to start detoxifying itself and the entire lymphatic system of stored fat.  That stored fat is the root cause of cellulite, which means that the more you jump, the more cellulite you’ll shift.


6: Trampolining strengthens your skeletal system and increases bone mass

Lots of forms of weight bearing exercise have been shown to increase bone mass but many of those exercises come with an increased risk of injury.  Not so trampolining.  Studies have shown that the gravitational forces created by trampolining strengthen the bones without leading to injuries such as shin splints and fractures.  This should come as good news to those of you keen to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.

Everyone from astronauts to older people has been urged to try trampolining as a result.  Astronauts lose bone mass when they’re in a zero gravity environment and part of their readjustment regime when they come back to earth involves a lot of trampolining.  This form of exercise is good for older people because it strengthens joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments as well as building bone mass.  If you’re at risk of arthritis for example, trampolining could represent a lifeline for you.


7: Trampolining increases oxygen circulation in the body leading to more cell energy

The NASA Journal of Applied Physiology did a study on trampolining, which found that bouncing on a trampoline is more beneficial to the body than running.  It boosts heart rates more.  It increases oxygen consumption.  This is why they now use trampolining to recondition astronauts when they return from space.  It’s the scientifically-proven best way of preventing muscle and bone degeneration.


8: Trampolining increases mitochondrial production, which in turn increases cell energy

The mitochondria are the power plants of every one of your body’s cells.  Jumping on a trampoline will automatically increase the mitochondrial count of those cells because of the extra demand for energy by the cells in the body.  This increases your available energy as well as your body’s capacity for using that energy.

To translate into simple terms: trampolining jumpstarts your metabolism and it keeps your metabolism going, burning calories, long after you finish exercising.  And you won’t feel tired as a result.  In fact, you’ll feel energetic all day long.


9: Trampolining doesn’t exert too much pressure on the feet and legs.

We all want to achieve a good level of cardio vascularity and many of us do this through exercises such as jogging and running.  However, these forms of exercise exert a lot of pressure on the joints in the feet and legs.  As many runners will testify, in the long run, this can lead to injury to the ankles, knees and back.

Trampolining is much more effective.  It allows you to exercise for as long as you like without feeling tired or without putting pressure on your vulnerable joints.  Because there’s no hard surface, there’s no high impact on your body.

The g-force produced by trampolining also improves body tone because you’re not only exercising your heart and legs.  You’re exercising your whole body.


10: Trampolining improves your general body balance and posture.

Trampolining enthusiasts will tell you that you’ll soon see an improvement in your balance and coordination as a result of all your bouncing.  This happens because trampolining stimulates the vestibule in the middle ear.

Trampolining can even help those who have trouble with their balance.  Balance bars can be added to a mini trampoline to help you find your feet to begin with.  These have been shown to help children, the elderly and those recovering from injuries to restore their sense of balance and coordination.


11: Trampolining reduces body fat and increases your muscle to fat ratio

By firming your legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips, trampolining is a great way of building muscle and losing fat.  Combine this with the fact that it increases agility, improves balance and leads to better detoxification which in turn promotes fat loss and you’ll soon see why those in the know are getting fit by trampolining.


12: Trampolining improves your cardiovascular system

You’ve heard of the heart health benefits of running, jogging and walking.  Now it’s trampolining’s turn.  Just as it helps in lymphatic circulation, trampolining also helps with blood circulation, which leads to a more efficient cardiovascular system.

That’s not its only cardiovascular benefit either.  It also reduces blood pooling in veins, which has been proven to help prevent chronic edema.


13: Trampolining helps combat varicose veins

Varicose veins are a condition that causes the veins in the legs to enlarge in an unsightly manner.  There are all sorts of possible causes, which range from body posture to problems with blood circulation.

However, trampolining is one possible and a completely natural solution. It works because jumping increases the blood flow.  This reduces the pressure that veins have to endure, which eliminates the inflammation and pain that comes with varicose veins.

Combined with drinking lots of water, wearing the right shoes and maintaining a healthy weight, trampolining can keep varicose veins under control.


14: Trampolining has been shown to improve the effects of other exercises

If you’re a fitness fanatic, then this will come as good news for you.  If you combine trampolining with other exercises, you’ll get better results than if you practiced those forms of exercise alone.

For example, say that you lift weights.  You can be guaranteed certain results from all that weightlifting.  But why not get better results by doing a little trampolining too?  It’s a no-brainer really.


15: Trampolining is safer than lots of other forms of exercise.

We all know that our bodies are designed to run.  But what we may not have realized is that they were not designed to run on hard surfaces like pavements.  The impact of those pavements on our joints is what causes a lot of sports injuries today.

This simply doesn’t happen with trampolining.  When you jump on a trampoline, the trampoline surface is what absorbs the impact of your jump, not your spine, knees or ankles.  This really reduces your risk of injury.


16: Trampolining may even help in preventing and eliminating cancer.

Trampolining helps to improve the circulation of lymphatic fluid in the body.  The lymphatic fluid is what destroys cancerous cells.  Therefore, it makes sense that more trampolining leads to a more efficient lymphatic system which is better at fighting cancer in your body.


17: Trampolining can help women to say goodbye to the fatigue and discomfort that comes with their monthly menstrual cycles

Trampolining is recommended as a therapy for women who struggle with problem periods.  It works by detoxifying excess hormones and toxins and restoring the endocrine system to its correct balance.

It also lowers the blood pressure by aiding blood circulation, improves the efficiency with which the body burns carbohydrates and helps lower blood pressure.

If you’re a woman who suffers with her period every month, why not try to bounce it away?


18: Trampolining is fun, fun, fun.

Surely you remember how much fun it was to jump on the bed when you were a child.  Your parents may have scolded you for it at the time but now, thanks to trampolining, you can jump as much as you like, safe in the knowledge that you won’t damage any bedsprings while doing so.

We’ve listed all of the health benefits of trampolining so you’re bound to be convinced that it’s good for you.  If all you need is one final push to try it for yourself, let us assure you that trampolining is fun.  Just like jumping on a bed, once you start, you simply won’t want to stop.



So to summarize everything that I’ve been talking about in this article up, trampolining is overall just great! It has many health benefits and can be a great addition to your cardio workout.  A doctor who goes by the name of Dr Dicken says that “The regular use of a trampoline can greatly improve your health. I recommend that my patients bounce on their trampoline for a minimum of five minutes a day to increase their cellular oxygenation, strengthen weak muscles and joints” So if you won’t take our word for it, take a doctors!


Those who experiences difficulties with their joins can easily seek a trampoline to keep up their fitness without causing any stress to your joints. Trampolines couldn’t be any easier to use, but more importantly, a very fun method of exercising! It’s sort of like a bouncy castle, but feels a less limited.


So with all that being said, what’s stopping you from making that decision to buy your trampoline? If none of the trampolines of our list appeal to you then do some research and find the ideal one for you. If you’re looking for a child-friendly trampoline, then you should get one that had padding to protect your kids from hard surfaces. Also, a safety net/enclosure is a must if you don’t want to see them go flying off the trampoline!


Go bounce, get fit, and have fun!

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