Best Softball Bats – Reviews and Top Picks

Choosing a particular baseball bat may be something that doesn’t seem important to the casual player. However, the difference between a cheap, low end softball bat and the top of a range one can impact the quality of your playing style a great deal. In this article, I’ll be explaining everything you need to know about softball bats and talking about some of the best softball bats on the market right now.

Why Does It Matter?

A softball bat can easily be compared to clothing. One size is not going to fit every single person on earth because everybody is different, not to mention we all like different designs and brands. Softball bats are very similar to this concept. Some people like having customised softball bats which have a nice cosmetic skin on them, but that’s not the only feature that people look for in bats. Some people prefer heavier bats for a powerful stroke, whilst some others prefer lighter softball bats to try and make as much contact with the ball as possible. There’s also bats that are somewhere in between. that’s why choosing a bat Is a very individual and personal decision.

How to go about choosing the right bat for you.

There’s plenty of factors that go into the decision-making of picking a softball bat. If you thought it was a very simplistic thing to do, be prepared to change that mindset. Below are just some of the factors that you should think about.

Bat length

One of the more important factors to choosing a softball bat is the general length of the bat. As I’ve already mentioned, everybody is different, therefore companies have designed softball bats to suit different people. One way they have done this is by making different sized bats by the inch. Measuring the distance from the centre of your chest to your fingers will give you roughly the length of the bat you should be going for. Once you’re comfortable with one size you can stick to that size, but if you wish to buy a bigger one never go for one that is an inch bigger than the one you’re comfortable with.

Bat Weight

The only way you can go about choosing the right weight is by going out and testing different bats at the shops. A softball bat that is too light or too heavy can impact the quality of your gameplay a great ton, so it’s definitely important you find one that feels just right when you’re swinging. If you feel like you can swing the bat smoothly without losing any grip, then that’s the right weight for you.

Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch Bats

If you’re unfamiliar with the difference between the two, I’ll briefly go over it. A fast pitch bat is lightweight and can handle balls coming towards them at a higher speed. Whilst the slow-pitch bats are heavy and tend to have a lower drop compared to the fast pitch. So again, it comes down to your preference and style.


As of writing this, softball bats are made from three different materials: Composite, Hybrid, and Alloy. Below are some key features to these materials.


You’ll want to find bat that you can be proud to call your own. Finding a bat that has a nice look to it whilst also having the features you’re wanting can be easier said than done. If you like the way the bat functions but find the overall bat to be ugly/unattractive, would you be product to own it? With that being said, if cosmetics is something you usually look over and don’t give a second though, then look into how the bats function rather than the cosmetics.


• Costs around $200-$400 brand new.
• Required a good 200 hits to fully break in the new softball bat.
• Has a larger sweet spot than the other materials
• Has reduced vibration and less sting with miss-hit balls
• Sounds like the snap of a tree branch when hitting a ball


• Costs around $200-$300 brand new
• Ready to use straight away, no break in required.
• Larger sweet spot than allow, but less than the composite bats
• Has reduced vibration and less sting with miss-hit balls
• Sounds like the classical “ping” sound.


• Costs around $50-350 brand new
• Ready to use straight away, no break in required
• Smaller sweet spot when compared to the above materials
• Has more vibration and intense sting from miss-hit balls
• Sounds like the classical “ping” sound, very similar to the Hybrid.

Each material has its own positives and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which one of these sounds the best to you.

One Piece or Two Pieced?

This isn’t as important as the other factors, but it’s definitely something to still consider. One piece bats are usually stiff and balanced whereas the two pieced bats have more flex and a lot less vibration.
So there you have it, a few points you should take into consideration when looking for a softball bat. Obviously a ton of research is key to finding the perfect one for you as well.


Alright, so now we’re onto the reviews section of the article. Here I’m going to talk about some of the best softball bats on the market right now and give my opinion on them. Being a softball enthusiast myself, I have previously and still currently own a lot of softball bats, so my reviews on these bats are 100% genuine.

Fastpitch Reviews

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno
If you play softball, you have surely heard about Slugger brand name. For years Slugger has been synonymous of quality and has always produced some of the best bats available today.

One of the newest softball bats from this company offering for fastpitch players is the Xeno bat which continues along the great tradition many expect from Slugger bats.

The Xenon highlights more slender, higher-quality dividers for a lighter swing weight and a barrel to handle association that keeps up handle solidness. iST innovation joins the barrel and handle together with a straight, strong association, giving the Xenon a superior general feel. They included an aluminum inward plate – called S1iD innovation – to the Xenon to make a more adaptable, excusing barrel, a bigger sweet spot and a more fluent “pop” with each. Best place to look for pricing is here.

Honestly expect this bat to become one of your favorite ones. It has already changed the minds of a lot of international players. Also, feel sure to expect to improve your performance right away and soon your hits!

• Extremely balanced and very nice at the touch
• It feels very light and has a great pop, would highly recommend it
• Noticeable difference in distance and velocity for people who use it

• Easily breakable when compared to the older model
• It has a limited use and not a long durability

Question : Is it stamped with ASA?
Answer : Yes, it is.

Question : Does this bat come with any warranty?
Answer : Yes, along with several other stamps.

Question : What drop is this bat?
Answer : 10


After some researches, we can confirm that his bat is very good and recommended from many Louisville’s bats review websites.
And so we felt like doing the same after having tried it by ourselves we confirm the good quality. Best place to look for pricing is here.

Louisville Slugger 2014 Xeno FPXN14 Softball Bat (-10) Review

Louisville Slugger 2014 Xeno FPXN14 Softball Bat
What’s more, the LS-2X composite slight divider, light weight barrel gives the player the most adaptable barrel, bringing about the greatest lawful way out pace and expanded execution versus the opposition’s bats at much slower swing speeds. This is made with Inner Socket Connection Technology, which joins the barrel and handle together and furnishes players with an awesome strong feel and bigger sweet spot. is elements a strong association between the handle and barrel, giving players most extreme execution even on inside hits. Swing Beautiful. Swing Powerful. Swing Xeno by Louisville Slugger, the first bat in quick pitch softball. Best place to look for pricing is here.

• It has a very great pop
• Amazing quality, thanks to Louisville Slugger
• You can improve your hits, expect the best from this bat

• Easier breakable, be careful
• Price is a bit high for the biggest part of people

Question : What’s different with the 2015 version?
Answer : Just the design on the outside. It has a different paint job.

Question : Does it come with any warranty?
Answer : Yes, 1-year replacement.

Question : Can you use this bat in cool temperatures like in fall or winter, for example?
Answer : The bat temperature is only part of the problem. The balls become harder as the temperature falls, and that could seriously damage the bat.

Of course, the great Louisville Slugger has done a wonderful job this time, too. This bat is just a great product, just at a bit higher price but trust us it will be totally worth it.

We know that you will enjoy this bat a lot, we just recommend to not use it in cool temperatures, so it won’t tend to be easily breakable and the pop will be even better!

Also, I really like the design of this model, instead of the previous ones. Best place to look for pricing is here.

Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton 2015 FP15MK10 MAKO CXN ZERO
The recently discharged, two-piece, full composite Easton MAKO gives first class players the edge they’ve been sitting tight for! The MAKO idea is very simple: swing the quickest bat, with the greatest barrel. This permits softball players to deliver power dissimilar to ever some time recently!

One of the insider facts behind the MAKO’s prosperity is Easton’s new TCT Thermo Composite Technology. It’s designed to give choice players two noteworthy advantages: unmatched bat speed and a monstrous sweet spot. There’s most likely the MAKO’s made to improve execution! To furnish softball players with a world-class feel, Easton incorporated their mainstream Connection innovation and execution jewel grasp. No vitality is squandered and each hit feels as smooth as margarine. The Easton MAKO is endorsed for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF. Best place to look for pricing is here.

It is sponsored by a Full Twelve (12) Months Manufacturer’s Warranty.

• Amazing bat at all and Easton’s costumer service is great
• Well balanced and good, affordable price.
• Speed design for low M.O.I and faster swing speeds

• Mainly recommended for girls, so for guys it’ll be easily breakable

Question : Where is this bat being shipped from ?
Answer : It will be shipped from the warehouse located in Kansas City, MO.

Question : Is this bat hot out of the wrapper or does it require breaking in?
Answer : We found out it is pretty hot right out of wrapper, but the more use the better that pop gets!

Question : Barrel composite or aluminium ?
Answer : The Easton MAKO Fast pitch Softball Bat: FP15MK10 will feature a composite barrel (Thermo Composite Technology).

I really recommend this, either for kids or adults.
A very good bat at a good price! Best place to look for pricing is here.

DeMarini Female 2015 Vendetta Fastpitch Bat Review

DeMarini Female 2015 Vendetta Fastpitch Bat
In the event that you play aggressive softball, the chances are you have a severe adversary. This is the bat that will settle the score and it’s fully designed and created for girls. Inviting back the new DeMarini Vendetta Fastpitch Softball Bat! The Vendetta includes a two-piece outline with DeMarini’s C6 Composite barrel. The Vendetta likewise includes Half and Half Technology that redistributes weight to give the bat ideal parity. This gives players the capacity to swing quicker with less exertion; at last bringing about more power! DeMarini: Insane Dedication to Performance!. Best place to look for pricing is here.

• The ball just pops right off (even in the cold it is reliable, no sting!).
• Well balanced and high quality at a very good price.
• Amazing graphics and long, confident durability.

• This bat is not good for guys
• After a while the design on the barrel of the bat gets a little scuffed

Question : Is this the cf7 bat or different? Is cf7 written on side of bat?
Answer : This is the DEMarini Vendetta. It is a different bat than the DeMarini CF7.

Question : How many versions of this bat are available to buy?
Answer :
There are two versions of the vendetta bats, white/pink and white/green. W/P is -12, W/G is -10.

Question : What material is the bat made of?
Answer : It is mainly made of Paradox.

Recommended for girls, of course. Best place to look for pricing is here. It’s the best one in the market for girls, even very young ones!

DeMarini CF7 -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

DeMarini CF7 -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat
On the off chance that we said that this bat was as hot as it looked, we’d be doing it an insult. It’s much, much more blazing than that this season. Prepared to bust , the current year’s CF7 is the most smoking composite fastpitch bat out of the wrapper that DeMarini has ever delivered. Actually, the CF7 barrel was completely upgraded from last season’s CF6 for a much more sweltering out of the wrapper execution. Also, that is not all! The recently composed barrel manages most extreme POP all through the lifetime of the bat.

The CF7 even components Stacked Double Wall Construction that makes a trampoline impact over the total of the barrel for totally advanced execution. Toward the end of the barrel, the end top gives ideal barrel pressure and augments the sweet spot. In case you’re at the highest point of your diversion and interest the most flawlessly awesome, it’s the CF7 or nothing! The CF7 is affirmed for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. Best place to look for pricing is here.

It is upheld by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer’s Warranty.

• The ball just pops right off (even in the cold it is reliable, no sting!).
• Thermo-fused Taper reduces vibration

• The handle on the previous model had a better grip on it. The one of this model feels quite poorly made and not as freat of a grip. But overall it is a great bat.

Question : Is this bat good for young (or very young) players?
Answer : Yes, definitely. For both cases.

Question : Is the USSSA stamp on this bat?
Answer : Yes, there’s a USSSA stamp on it and it’s certified.

The swing is awesome and feels very smooth and fluent, so it works well. I highly suggest this bat to give you that competitive advantage. Best place to look for pricing is here.

Slow-Pitch Softball Bats

DeMarini 2014 NT3 Juggy WTDXNT3 Slow Pitch Softball Bat Review

DeMarini 2014 NT3 Juggy WTDXNT3 Slow Pitch Softball Bat
At the end of the day, DeMarini is coming out on top with their leap forward innovation. The progressive DeMarini Juggernaut ASA Slow pitch softball bat is outlined with a Flex-Tuned composite handle for most extreme execution. In addition, the positack grasp gives you the most agreeable feel permitting you to need to most control conceivable over the bat.

The new DeMarini Juggernaut also has a composite barrel which offers the best innovation conceivably accessible available today; Demarini Stacked Composite. Toward the end of the barrel, a Clutch End Cap hoses vibration for an amazingly smooth swing. For the player, Half and Half means more power at the plate. The Juggernaut moderate pitch swings like a characteristic expansion of the human body. Best place to look for pricing is here.

This bat is affirmed for play in ASA as it were. DeMarini: Insane Dedication To Performance. Conceived Hardcore! The Juggernaut accompanies an entire twelve (12) month restricted producer guarantee.

• Smaller knob, wilson leather grip tape, great graphics.

• None, maybe the pricing for some people.

Question : Will this bat pass compression test?
Answer : Yes, tested with ASA.

Question : How can I verify this bat is legal since there is not a stamp for USSSA on it?
Answer : Unfortunately, the DeMarini NT3 Juggy is not legal for play in USSSA leagues. The Juggy is only legal for play is ASA leagues.

DeMarini moderate pitch bats are made for one reason. So you can totally smash everything tossed your direction. You didn’t get into moderate pitch since you cherish attempting to leg out the infield singles. You play to pound and you require something in your grasp that can get that going. Best place to look for pricing is here.

Miken Ultra II SSUSA Bat Review

Miken Ultra II SSUSA Bat
In the event that you play in a senior softball group or an association that does not have a national connection, this is the bat for you! Hands down the most blazing bat available, Miken’s Velocit-E Ultra II brings players top notch execution. The one-piece, 100% composite Ultra II components Miken’s E-Flex Ultra Technology that permits the barrel dividers to flex internal to make beast trampoline impact and a GIANT sweet spot!

The Ultra II additionally utilizes Carbon-X Shell Technology and that gives included sturdiness and most extreme separation every time contact is made. This bat highlights a ultra-dainty 13/16″ handle for astounding control and a 13.5″ barrel length that gives it a colossal hitting region. This is the bat that changed the round of softball until the end of time. Best place to look for pricing is here.

• The ball goes an extra 50 feet without any effort. Amazing bat in general.

• No warranty..
• Not endorsed for ASA – USSSA

Question : Is this a balanced bat or an end loaded one?
Answer : It is a balanced bat. Other models are end loaded.

Question : Are the bats stamped with 1.20bpf or 1.2obpf standard?
Answer : The bats are stamped “1.21 bpf.”

With this amazing bat be sure that you will be hitting the ball further with less effort than the lighter bat. better feel.
That is the main good thing of this Miken bat, comparing it to others. Best place to look for pricing is here.

Easton SRV5 Salvo Slow-Pitch Softball Bat Review

Easton SRV5 Salvo Slow-Pitch Softball Bat
The Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Softball Bat is here and prepared to demonstrate that it is the most sweltering ASA affirmed moderate pitch bat available. Easton has dependably been one of the business’ best makers and that pattern continues with this softball bat. Having enough pop to clear the wall will turn into an after-thought, and thinking about whether your ball will ever land will turn into a reality. The SRV5 is a one piece, full composite bat produced using Easton’s IMX Composite, which gives the most extreme in execution and strength.

The SRV5 has a 12″ marginally end stacked barrel to add force and consistency to each swing. The 2 ¼” barrel and 29/32″ decreased handle give expanded swing pace and solace. Producing power won’t be an issue with this bat, however concealing it from your partners will. Execution isn’t the main thing this bat has putting it all on the line; start to finish it highlights another search for the 2010 season.

Quit thinking about whether you can hit the ball over the wall and go get the Easton Salvo: SRV5 moderate pitch softball bat and ensure it. Endorsed for ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA and ISF. This bat accompanies Easton’s restrictive 400 days Manufacturer’s Warranty. Best place to look for pricing is here.

• 400 days Easton Manufacturer’s warranty!
• Great feel, great pop and great all around bat by Easton.
• Endorses for all the main leagues.

• Graphics are too simple, poor.

Question : Are you sure this bat is ASA legal?
Answer : Definitely yes, and not only ASA.

This bat is appropriate for players ranging from “big guys” to 110 lb women players. The weighting and pop of the bat have allowed women on our team to get nice line drives.

If you consider yourself to be very good or have played semi-pro ball, you may want to move up to the 28 oz or even the 30 oz versions of this bat. The 26 oz version is quite adequate to drive the ball 300 feet from a standard slow pitch! Best place to look for pricing is here.

DeMarini Flipper OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat Review

DeMarini Flipper OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat
The new DeMarini Flipper OG Slowpitch is just amazing! The way to the Flipper’s super responsive sweet spot lies in the Divergence Technology contained inside its 13-inch barrel. Two layers of confined composite material sandwich an air hole, bringing about the capacity for every barrel divider to flex to their greatest for the most trampoline impact conceivable.

This innovation truly sparkles when hitting the low COR, high-pressure softballs – making it ideal for ASA competition or alliance play. Much more than only an adjustment in representation, the 2016 Flipper OG has been re-designed to completely pulverize! The group at DeMarini has built up their most grounded material yet in the new ZnX Alloy. By joining zinc to aluminum, they could deliver a warmth treatable aluminum compound of the most astounding quality conceivable.

After it’s treated with warmth, this material is then manufactured into the Flipper OG’s handle – abandoning you with expanded firmness, better feel, and most extreme barrel execution! Furthermore, with its RCK Knob and ultra-slim, .6 mm hold, you’ll be set to crush with the 2016 DeMarini Flipper OG ASA. Best place to look for pricing is here.

Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer’s Warranty and it’s approved for Play in ASA ONLY.

• Great pop out of the wrapper !
• Great feel, long durability and high quality

• It’s mainly endorsed for ASA.
• It may tend to easily crack after some weeks of use.

Question : Is this DeMarini bat USSSA approved?
Answer : No, it is not USSSA approved.

Question : What year is this bat?
Answer : It is year 2016

This bat may be one of the best between the DeMarini ones. The main con is that it’s not approved for USSSA, only for ASA.
Also, many people reckon that this bat cracks or breaks very quickly. Best place to look for pricing is here.

DeMarini ONE OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat Review

DeMarini ONE OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat
Back for 2016 – Whether you live crevice to-hole or power is your diversion, the ONE OG is the ONLY stick you require taken care of. The ONE OG is the encapsulation of half and half fabulousness with its colossal 13 inch 4.ONE Composite Barrel and fresh out of the plastic new ZnX Alloy Handle.

The current year’s configuration is about firmness. A stiffer barrel makes unstable execution through most extreme bounce back and the stiffer ZnX Alloy guarantees that each ounce of vitality is sent straight into the softball at effect.
Furthermore, since it’s affirmed in all major moderate pitch affiliations, the ONE OG will tear up precious stones the whole way across the nation this season. Best place to look for pricing is here.

• The bat feels great and fairly similar when compared to other models from previous years. It also now includes the USSSA stamp.
• Awesome bat, it doesn’t require a lot of power. Great feel in the hands, good balance and good price!

• The cosmetics on the bat are a bit strange and may not be liked by most people, but that’s not a problem for the bat itself.

Question : Is this DeMarini bat front loaded?
Answer : Yes, it is.

Question : What year is this bat?
Answer : It is year 2016, like the previous model.

Question : Does this bat gave the BPF 1.20 stamp?
Answer : Yes, this bat does have the USSSA 1.20 BFP “Thumbprint” stamp. It also has the NSA and ASA stamps.

This DeMarini bat is very comfortable to swing, well balanced and it also has a nice pop!
I highly recommend this. Best place to look for pricing is here.


Did any of these softball bats go from something you had no idea about to now highly considered? Whilst these bats I’ve just talked about are awesome and highly rated by myself, and other customers, that doesn’t mean to say that you’ll like it as well. Making sure a softball bat has all the features and aspects you need in a bat is highly important to keeping up with competition. And remember, going for a bat purely based on how it looks rather than how it functions is a bad idea, and that goes for any product!

Do your research, and finding that special bat won’t be as complex as you may think.

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