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Nowadays, one common reason you’ll find yourself having to visit physicians is because of the pain in your lower back and of course, the common flu. This sort of pain emerges if you do any heavy lifting or have a poor posture whilst you’re siting. If you also find yourself bending over frequently this can cause back pain as well.

If you are suffering from this pain in your lower back, you have probably noticed that this sort of pain is not rare, and many of us today are facing it in our daily lives; either due to jobs that require sitting from 9 to 5 or that require a lot of lifting or bending. You probably have tried to overcome or reduce this pain by going through the various treatment methods offered for LWB (lower back pain) and to further improve its function.

To help you through this difficulty, inversion tables are designed to help you reduce the pressure exerted on the lower back, which makes your pain fade away. This inversion table is a modern miracle. It has a padded table that is connected with a metal frame with hinges. In order for you to use this table, you first need to strap yourself to the table then slowly flip, making your body flip backwards.

What Are Inversion Tables Supposed to Do?

Recently, there has been a lot of research conducted to find out the advantages of inversion therapy. Surprisingly, we are way behind the animal kingdom in noticing the ongoing advantages. Bats and spider monkeys have shown an amazing technique that they have been doing through decades, but we have just shed the light on it. We have now discovered various of benefits which are now being proven by our scientists, physicians, doctors and therapists all around the world. This technique puts your body in inverted positions so that the feet are higher and the head is lowered. making your head lower than your heart.

There are many different postures involving inversion. Some put your head below and feet above. Another one is like the dolphin posture in yoga which is a little different; your head and feet are on the ground where as your back is elevated so that your heart position is above both.

These amazing techniques are designed to reduce the dangerous effects constantly faced by our body due to the force of gravity. It is one of the best treatments for you if you are suffering from back pain or joint issues due to carrying loads. It improves your nerves, reduces stress relevant to the brain, and a lot of other benefits.

Modern styles in inversion therapy include; inversion tables, chairs, or hanging upside down through gravity boots. But traditionally, you can attain this posture through different yoga poses or by another recent form of yoga known as aerobic yoga. For such poses in yoga, you can use a soft fabric hammock that you can suspend from the ceiling.

Though we only recently started using the technique of inversion to reduce all sorts of pain and to increase our blood flow for the benefits it provides, archaeologists still find a lot of evidence that a few of our ancestors used this technique dating back to the stone age for its unique advantages. A surprising fact is that many secret societies throughout our enormous history used this technique to enhance brain abilities. Although these super-secret societies practiced this as a ritual, it gave them a lot of advantages in terms of skills that allow them overcome their enemies


Top 10 Inversion Table Reviews

So now that we’ve pretty much covered the basics of inversion techniques and methods, surely you’re interested in buying an inversion table, right? Whilst it’s true there’s thousands of different inversion tables out there on the market right now, we’ve narrowed this down to the best 10 to help you out a bit.

10) Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

The EP-560 Ltd. is the most famous model from the Teeter Hang Ups ComforTrak Series and it mainly provides for back pains. It has been designed to relax and be treated for the different types of back pains. The structure of the inversion table is such as it gives different angles to hang yourselves in there to get relief from the pain. It’s a revolutionary product as it offers various use from its product. Various exercise can be performed in different angles and postures. It’s mainly directed towards the elderly people who have regular complains about the back pain and also the working professionals who spend most of their time in sitting and doing their work. Having so many benefits, let me clear one thing that it does not gives a permanent relief. It’s a temporary pain reliever machine and with regular usage you can minimize the effect of pain in your back.

In my opinion, it’s a great product all in all and can be beneficial for people who have seldom back pains and elderly people who can easily and conveniently use the product.

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9) IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

The IRONMAN Gravity 4000 reversal table is worked with a solid tubular steel outline with a scratch safe powder covered completion. Flexible foam vinyl secured backrest for an agreeable head and back. It has an extreme elastic non-slip floor stabilizer that give dependability while rearranging. Additional long security handles give simple come back to the upright position and vinyl wellbeing spreads are included for wellbeing. The ergonomically formed lower leg holders give solace and security. At the point when not being used, the Gravity 4000 can be collapsed. It provides a great ergonomics and a locking feature.

  • The get together may be somewhat confused which is fairly tedious.
  • The table does not give a helpful strategy to set edges which implies that you won’t have the capacity to bolt it to any position. You are just going to be bolted when completely altered.

Aside from those minor difficulties, the Ironman Gravity 4000 is a mind blowing reversal table. This is presumably the principle purpose behind which it is getting just 4 and 5 begin client audits. The table brings a lot of helpful qualities and every one of them make the weaknesses look like nothing in examination. The table is a top of the line unit and the dominant part of customers are exceptionally pleased with it.

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8) Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief DVD

Waver’s ComforTrak Series Inversion Tables improves the client experience to achieve a definitive in joint and back agony alleviation through exactness adjusting, protected stretch grasps, and an imaginative bed plan that obliges weight point and decompression extras. Take reversal to the following level with the best-appraised and most adjustable reversal table available. The EP 960’s EZ Reach Ankle System makes it less demanding and more agreeable than any time in recent memory for back torment sufferers to upset, extend, decompress and diminish back torment. In only a couple of minutes a day, accomplish a characteristic stretch to enhance the soundness of your spine and joints, expand adaptability, and fabricate quality with reversed activities.

The EP-960 Ltd. offers transitory help from back agony by utilizing gravity as a part of your support. While altered topsy & turvy, your own body weight makes a characteristic type of footing that unwinds tense muscles while decompressing your spine, lessening weight on the circles that are imperative to keeping excruciating weight off the nerves and looking after adaptability. Waver Inversion Tables meet UL’s intense buyer security testing benchmarks and reliably beat the opposition in examination testing for perseverance, revolution control, and simplicity of get together.

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7) Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

The Ironman IFT 4000 is the latest propelled advancement to diminish back agony. Using reversal unwinding joined with Infrared Heat Therapy, clients ought to get wellbeing and restorative advantages of Far Infrared Therapy (F.I.R.) heat treatment to the back. The IFT1000 joins the most exceptional F.I.R. heat treatment innovation. Ultra slim inherent carbon fiber warming components give a characteristic and delicate warmth to sooth your back and give transitory alleviation from minor muscle torments. The ribbed froth back rest will warm up to a most extreme of 140 degrees. The LED controller show demonstrates the temperature setting and also a clock. A remote control with batteries is likewise included. The reversal table has been tried by ETL for all wellbeing necessities. Extreme elastic non-slide floor stabilizers keep any development amid reversal.

Be that as it may, there are a few changes that could be made to this item. The foot sleeves appear to be a tad bit obnoxious in light of the fact that regardless it causes minor agony while individuals are hanging topsy turvy, yet this is the same issue as whatever other reversal table item. Thick socks or reversal boots will diminish the uneasiness.

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6) Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

The Health Mark Promax Inversion Table guarantees to give you the ride of your life. The Promax is the main table in its class to give a one of a kind plan that not just permits you to accept the conventional face up position, additionally confront down situating which can take into account synchronous back rub incitement. Its back rub table style development and face rest guarantees most extreme solace while supporting up to 600 lbs. of body weight, and its 6 preset points accommodate a definitive in simplicity of operation. 180 degree reversal is effortlessly accomplished starting from the face position to consider full gravity footing and performing back hyper-augmentations, furthermore from the face-up position for complete stomach work.

The Health Mark Pro Max gives the one of a kind capacity to lie face down or confront up, permitting rub treatment with footing, stomach works out, furthermore back hyper-augmentation works out – giving you numerous choices for utilizing this machine.

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5) Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table With Healthy Back DVD

Whether you need to enhance your stance, lessen back agony, or basically minimize your everyday stress stack, the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 reversal treatment table settles on a staggering decision. Reversal treatment works by setting your body in accordance with the descending power of gravity. Simultaneously, reversal extends the spine, expands the space between the vertebrae, and eases the weight on plates, tendons, and nerve roots. Also, less weight implies less back torment, and in addition less cerebral pains and neck issues. Reversal is perfect for individuals with industrious spine and muscle hurts, notwithstanding competitors who regularly push their bodies lopsided through dreary muscle movements, for example, runners, weightlifters, skiers, cyclists, and golfers. Examines propose that modifying yourself a unimportant 25 degrees for even a couple of minutes for each day can have gigantic constructive outcomes.

With all of the choices available, the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table With Healthy Back DVD is a sterling choice with a phenomenal track record. It may be more expensive, but think of the quality you’ll get for your investment.

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4) Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

Decreases back anxiety by soothing weight on the vertebrae circles and tendons. Can lessen weariness and unwinds the general body. Reversal can likewise advance incitement of blood disseminations bringing about alleviation of firm muscles. Reversal can likewise expand body adaptability enhancing athletic execution. Only 5 or 10 minutes of reversal consistently can ease lower spinal pains and agony because of sitting, standing or whatever other reason for muscle stress. It helps reducing back stress and strain by relieving pressure on the vertebrae discs and ligaments. Inversion Therapy is also used to reduce fatigue and relax the overall body. Inverting can promote stimulation of blood circulation and increase body flexibility. Just 5 or 10 minutes of inversion every day can help relieve lower back aches and pain due to sitting, standing, or any other cause of muscle stress.

By and large, The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 justifies its higher cost with special elements and a very much examined plan. What’s more, looking at the situation objectively, treatment at home for a one-time speculation could save money on chiropractor visits over the long haul. In case you’re hoping to improve your reversal treatment with activities and progressed extends, you’ll have the capacity to do the most with this Teeter model.

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3) Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Therapy Table

Give your body a chance to encounter the most recent in reversal solace with the Innova Fitness ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion System with expansive vitality froth cushioned back cushion and removable head rest pad. The lumbar cushion can modify for segregated warmth and back rub treatment. Different mode rub settings with auto and manual determinations take into consideration a more finish back rub experience. Consolidating an unwinding delicate vibration knead with warmth makes this Inversion table a standout amongst the most remedial and propelled tables available to date.

Innova ITM4800 is an immaculate back rub table for any individual who needs the perfect experience without extra assistance from a masseuse. It has all the fundamental components expected to give a decent full body rub including situating and change settings. Besides, incorporates programmed alteration settings and you can set everything once before you make the most of your remedial back rub. It is great quality for your cash since you will appreciate the stunning elements that are extraordinary.

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2) Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

The EP-560 Ltd. Reversal Table upgrades your experience to accomplish a definitive in joint and back torment help through exactness adjusting, licensed stretch grasps and a creative bed plan that obliges weight point and decompression frill. In only a couple of minutes a day, accomplish a characteristic stretch to enhance the wellbeing of your spine and joints, expand adaptability, and fabricate quality with modified activities.

Reversal tables of awesome worth on different levels with respect to wellness and remedial issues. They’re utilized by competitors, chiropractors, specialists, everywhere throughout the world. Fine designing and development are an absolute necessity with these gadgets. The best are ergonomically outlined and made of steel and utilize flexible foam nylon, and obviously intense elastic on the stabilizers. They likewise ought to take a decent sum body weight, more than 300 lbs, and essentially have the capacity to be solid and safe.

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1) Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

The Ironman IFT 1000 is the latest propelled development to decrease back agony. Using reversal unwinding consolidated with Infrared Heat Therapy, clients ought to get wellbeing and remedial advantages of Far Infrared Therapy (F.I.R.) heat treatment to the back. The IFT1000 fuses the most developed F.I.R. heat treatment innovation. Ultra slight implicit carbon fiber warming components give a characteristic and tender warmth to sooth your back and give impermanent help from minor muscle torments. The back rest will warm up to a greatest of 140 degrees. The LED controller show demonstrates the temperature setting and in addition a clock. A remote control with batteries is additionally included. The reversal table has been tried by ETL for all security prerequisites.

General client agreement proposes this is an exceptionally strong model, which is something everybody would need when dangling head first towards a hard surface. Audits are blended with respect to simplicity of setup, in this way, however it likely does not require a degree in designing to make them go, there might be a few disappointments amid the procedure. It additionally might be somewhat bulky to overlap for capacity, however it can be refined.

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No Need for Back Surgery

Often for back pain, traditional insidious surgery is recommended. This surgery is hard to go with as it is of excruciating pain and requires several months to fully recover.  Moreover, this surgery does not subside the pain permanently, but it can make it bearable for 2 years but then the pain reemerges. Hence, you end up from where you started after going through such a long, painful procedure. On the other hand, inversion therapy doesn’t need any painful surgery so there is no recovery time, all you need to do is practice, which should be easy now using the inversion tables available in the markets. You can totally eliminate the pain after 4 weeks of inversion therapy.

The amazing news here is that if you go on practicing this therapy of inversion, you will eventually feel no pain at all. Isn’t that incredible!?

A research started in the February of 2003 lasting to September of 2006, conducted in England, Newcastle University supports the finding that inversion therapy reduces pain. In this research, 22 patients were taken under examination suffering from various back pain where their physicians recommended surgery. They took this study to avoid surgery at all costs.

These patients were divided into two groups to further examine the benefits of physical therapy and the unique advantages of inversion tables. The conclusion drawn from the second group that used both physical therapy and inversion tables was overwhelming! Results are described follows:

The majority (around 78%) only physical therapy had to go through back surgery again later on.

Sadly 23% of patients still went through back surgery even after the use of inversion tables whereas the majority of the patients (around 77%) recovered from back pain as they used inversion tables.

There are of course a few side effects seen commonly in inversion therapy, but mostly you won’t face such issues, which leaves you to buy this product easily without any hesitation.

Relieving Herniated Disc Pain and Repairing Herniated Disc

The structure of our back bone is that every vertebra is separated by a disc. The functions of soft discs are; firstly, to give cushion and to act as shock absorbers and secondly, they give space for various nerves to enter and exit the spinal cord. But sadly due to gravity that acts on us throughout our life when we walk or sit, it pulls down our vertebrae causing compression on the disc, which makes our vertebrae come closer leading to back pain.

Herniated discs are raised when the jelly-like part seeps out of place from between the vertebrate, putting pressure and friction against vertebral column. In other words, these herniated discs are called ruptured discs or slipped discs. It causes pinches in the nerves anywhere in the body causing pain that might lead to fainting!

When it’s too much to bear and makes you handicapped in your routine tasks, doctors usually recommend surgical procedures. If you are not comfortable in these procedures, you can also think of buying inversion tables which will help you live pain free and you don’t need to be tormented by this anymore.

Sadly, one should know that surgery is not only risky and can make you partially paralyzed, but also there’s a chance of not being able to work at all, not to mention the long painful time of recovery. Physicians mostly give cortisol shots as pain relievers but unfortunately, this don’t address the underlying pain.

The key phenomenon here is, inversion gently decompresses the vertebral column allowing the herniated disc to move back to its original place. In this way the pressure on the pinched nerve is also removed causing the pain to faint. This decompression also helps in extra flow of oxygen and reduction of waste through a high level of circulation due to inversion. This enhances the speed of healing of the damaged disc.

The common asked question by a lot of customers is “Is there any scientific research done that proves that inversion tables are the most reliable way to reduce herniated pain?”. Well, the answer is no; due to lack of funds given to such research and pharmaceutical companies are mainly investing in making a lot of surgical equipment and supplies.

Due to this we end up with the research papers that encourage going with surgeries rather than any alternative procedure that can act more beneficial to the more common people like you and me.

As mentioned above, one should rely on professionals when they give reviews or through the other patients that experience this sort of pain, not to the papers published for the sake of the big companies so they can get large profits out of you. Even after surgery, you are either pain free for a while or surgery doesn’t bring the expected results and you are scheduled again for the next one.

But on the contrary, if the results of alternative techniques are bringing more positive results one should at least try. If I were facing such pain I would definitely avoid surgery and would be searching for other ways to overcome this difficulty, so should you.

Back pain relief center in Louisvill, Kentucky’s orthopedic therapist ‘Malton Schexnedier’ is getting mind blowing results for the patients of herniated discs. Amazingly, from his wise conclusion, prescribed inversion therapy is one of the best ways to recover herniated disc, but for this you need to first prepare your back. According to this physician, you need 10-20 minutes warm up to relax your muscle before inversion therapy to work.

These therapies do not generate profit for the big companies hence such alternative methods are poorly funded. Due to the lack of funds, we can only provide limited research on the effectiveness of such methods which yield high results for the patients suffering with this chronic pain.

Relieving Sciatic Nerve Pain

The range of sciatica or sciatic nerve pain, is from tingling, to numbness, to outrageous pain. This pain starts from the lower back, then extends to buttocks and upper leg. It follows the path of the sciatic nerve, which covers almost all the lower region of body.

This nerve pain is a result of one of the following reasons:

  • Rupturing of disc in the lumbar region, which is the lower back
  • Contraction of muscles in the lumbar region that presses the sciatic nerve tightly.
  • Narrowing of spinal canal in the lumbar region; also known as Lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • If one of the lumbar vertebra slip over another, this case is known as spondylolisthesis.
  • Pregnancy

Luckily, now you can buy inversion tables which can reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve in which pain will fade. For the pregnant ladies, do ask your doctor first for inversion therapy.

People suffering from knee and ankle joint problems still can’t use inversion tables for their pain relief. But if you are suffering from back joint or back pain, you can easily get relieved from your pain by the use of inversion tables.

Cervical spinal stenosis

Narrowing of spinal cord near the neck, vertebrae is known as cervical spinal stenosis, causing stiffness of neck and extreme pain that radiates from the shoulders and goes down the back. This occurs due to the thickness of the ligaments and osteoarthritis damaging this region.

If you start this inversion therapy with few minutes a day, you can easily reverse and ease. It will allow the ligaments to stretch and relax. Due to the rush of circulation, it will bring nourishment to the cartilage and remove the toxic material present, it will cause to heal quickly.

Reducing Fibromyalgia and its symptoms

Few of our fibromyalgia patients have reported that their indications die down in the wake of inversion.

Since the definite reasons for fibromyalgia are not completely comprehended, the reasons that inversion treatment aids are not by any means known either. In any case, it is suspected that numerous fibromyalgia sufferers have higher than typical cortisol (the anxiety hormone) levels and lower than ordinary serotonin (the vibe great hormone) levels. Hypothyroidism is likewise connected with fibromyalgia. Inversion treatment is known not neurotransmitters decidedly; offsetting hormones, and making individuals feel more satisfied and less delicate to torment. Identified with this, it is felt that modifying enhances the working of the endocrine system.

Reducing headaches

Inversion reduces headaches through following ways

  • Realigning the spine helps your body to decrease muscle spasm in the shoulder area and neck that is a basic cause of most headaches.
  • This also, reduces muscle tension, to relax the muscles of face, skull and neck reducing tension headaches.
  • It causes the stress level to reduce decreasing the number of headaches you suffer.
  • By enhancing circulation and helping your lymphatic system in working efficiently, that removes toxic material will also reduce headaches.


Improving your functioning of Lungs

In upright posture, blood is pooled in lower regions from where it is restricted to redistribute but when you are inverted upside down, this pooled blood is redistributed to the upper part of lungs, making more oxygen supply and overall functions of the lungs are improved.

Helps in Clearing Your Sinuses

For clear sinuses inversion benefits in two ways:

1.It increases the circulation of blood which ultimately provides passage to highly oxygenated blood. This is how your nasal passage remains moist and efficient.

2.Increase of temporary flow of blood in the head region will flush out nasal passages.

Helping You Breathe Easier

Inversion makes your diaphragm stronger. As a result, your body will exert less labor to breathe easily. This also enhances deep breathing which allows lower lungs to get filled with more air more often. The lower region of the lungs has more pristine ability. Hence, more efficient for collection of oxygen as compared with upper region. This inversion hence brings more oxygen to the body specially brain and vital organs.

Improves Your Body Circulation

Your heart, while in inverted position doesn’t need to work as hard to pump and circulate the blood to the organs and its way easier to supply blood to the brain. As by inversion blood is flushed from all around the body by reversing the effect of gravity which allows the blood to become cleaner and freely circulate fast .

Improves Functioning of Heart

As noted before, the heart does not need to fill in as hard when you are in inverted posture. This gives the heart a genuinely necessary rest. The blood that races to the head likewise triggers the mind to discharge neurotransmitters that flag the heart to back off. A few clients of inversion tables have additionally reported a lessening in heart arrhythmia subsequent to utilizing inversion. Notwithstanding, you ought to dependably check with your specialist before utilizing inversion therapy on the off chance that you have any heart issues.

Helps Digestive System

This is one of the advantages of inversion therapy that was once before discussed however it is a significant critical advantage. At the point when the body is reversed, the excrement that is traveling through the ileocecal valve from the small digestive tract to the internal organ is supported by gravity, rather than working against gravity! This helps your all assimilations to work more productively. Peristalsis is likewise supported by reversal treatment, since gravity pushes the defecation against the dividers of the digestive system when you are upside down. This evacuates old fecal matter caught in your digestion tracts that can bring about harm and might lead to a large number of issues arisen in wellbeing like cramping, internal bleeding and a blockage in colon.

Improving Lymphatic System

With the prominent press concentrating such a great amount of consideration on the heart, the immunity, and the digestion, you never give their lymphatic system a second chance. Be that as it may, this system significantly influences each other in the body since it is in charge of washing poisons out of the body.

Sadly, the heart is not included in pumping and circling the lymphatic liquids. This implies your lymphatic liquids need to move by the mechanical strengths made when you move, and still, at the end of the day, numerous individuals find that their legs, lower legs, and feet swell for a duration of a day. This is on the grounds that their lymphatic liquids are pooling in these parts where the mechanical strengths of development can’t beat the pull of gravity! At the point when individuals rest on a level plane around evening time, this gives the lymphatic system a battling chance against gravity. However then again, the body is still, so there are no mechanical forces that move the lymphatic liquid along.

While general activity can get your lymphatic system working efficiently, consolidating exercise with a couple of minutes of inversion on inversion tables consistently works far superior. Getting on an inversion table or doing rearranged yoga postures promptly moves the gravity the other way. Inverse posture moreover permits gravity to draw the lymphatic liquids out of your lower furthest points and purify your assemblage of poisons simultaneously.

Dr. David Coulter, an anatomist who showed life structures classes at both University of Minnesota and Columbia University, composed a book entitled, “Life systems of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” mainly composes of the temperance of utilizing inversion postures as a part of yoga to deplete the lymphatic system and free the assemblage of wastes throughout!

Helps Immune System

A lymphatic system that is working vital to an immune system working legitimately. In this way, the individuals who begin utilizing inversion therapy regularly discover they don’t become ill as frequently as they did some time recently. This bodes well in light of the fact that their bodies are presently being immediately rinsed of poisons all the time and their safe framework does not need to function as hard. This liberates the insusceptible framework up so it is better ready to battle off bacterial and viral contaminations.

Exceptionally compelling, in 2008, Indian researchers, Sarika Arora and Jayashree Bhattacharjee, coducted a research paper regarding yoga identified with yoga bringing down anxiety and helping the immune system. In this paper, they recommended that inversion increases the working of the lymph, which thusly, enhanced the working of the immunity.

Improves Your Flexibility

Enhancing flexibility and scope of movement is one of the best preferences to doing consistent inversion technique of treatment. The way to keeping your back flexible is keeping your plates very much hydrated and loaded with the jelly material at their center. Tragically, gravity always pulls on your vertebrate throughout the day bringing on the liquid to be crushed out of your discs.

When you get into the position to rest around evening time, your vertebrate decompress to a certain point and the vast majority of the liquid leaks over into your plates. Nonetheless, your discs are never 100 percent recharged in the flat position, so as we age, we lose a lot of the jelly present in our plates, and in this manner, we turn out to be logically less flexible. The most ideal approach to battle this maturing procedure is to alter and decompress your vertebrae much more than when you rest in the even position. On the off chance that you do this day by day, or possibly a few times each week, this will keep your discs completely hydrated and you’ll stay significantly more flexible. Indeed, numerous seniors who join this inversion method with moderate practice and have healthy diet are more lively than individuals half their age!

Helps With Fatigue

When you start inversion therapy with the aid of inversion tables, you will notice that you don’t easily get tired and you are working more efficiently than before. This is because your body is fresher due to inversion; which keeps your circulation fast, removing toxins from your body and healing the other painful areas. Your body gets more oxygen which is also why you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Now you can indulge yourself with more activities with your loved ones or even start new hobbies.

Improves Speed of Recoveries

When you work out, there are many amazing health benefits. However, there is also one serious downside. The physical activity puts a lot of stress on your bones and muscles.

Moreover, your heap bearing joints get to be compacted. This is the reason it can take so long to revering after an escalated workout! In any case, on the off chance that you spend a couple of minutes on a inversion table after you work out, this allows your joints to decompress so the liquid and sustenance in that liquid can fill in the middle of them and help you recover a great deal and more rapidly. Reversal treatment done quickly after a workout likewise unwinds your strained muscles and gets additional oxygen streaming into them in light of the expanded dissemination.

Nobody works out harder than the Army Rangers at Fort. The U.S. Armed force led a six year study to assess the utilization of inversion tables and decompression by hanging upside down with gravity boots. It enhanced the Army Rangers’ recovery time and wounds.

Increases Your Height

It is believed that people in general lose height of about three quarters of an inch throughout a day because of gravity, compressing the vertebrae of the backbone together. Most of the people are not familiar with the fact that their heights don’t remain the same in a day. The height that is lost is regained while a person sleeps in horizontal surface but the height is not all recuperated while doing so. In reality, each person gets a little short of about an inch or so in their lives. So, when the grandparents tell you that in their youthful years they were taller as compared to their old age, that is actually scientifically correct. Then again, by the use of inversion therapy on a day to day basis one can exceptionally increase their height.

Reduces Stress

The inversion therapy is known to reduce the stress levels in numerous ways. To begin with, it controls the hormones that makes one feel great and those that cause the anxiety reaction. At the end of the day, this treatment can move your hormones in a manner that they bring down your general anxiety. This happens in light of the fact that inversion permits the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and lastly the thyroid to be washed by blood containing oxygen which in turn detoxifies.

Secondly, muscle strain is incredibly decreased by this therapy. Furthermore, the best part of this is that it takes much less time. This has been seen by various specialists utilizing this treatment with their subject patients. There is additionally an exemplary study done in 1978 about this too. The study was driven by Nosse and the work was later published in the medicinal archives as well. The study demonstrated that muscle pressure diminished a normal of 35 percent inside the initial ten seconds of the inversion treatment.

Thirdly, since inversion treatment makes it less demanding for one to take a nap and enhances the sleep quality, this likewise brings down your general anxiety levels.

Numerous big names have uncovered that they utilize inversion treatment to deal with their depression and this had put the focus on inversion treatment to battle discouragement and related issues. For instance, Rosie O’Donnell reported on the famous TV television show, “The View,” that she battles with wretchedness and regular SAD. She utilizes a table of inversion treatment to deal with her condition.

There was additionally a fantastic study by Dr. Lonnie K. Zeltzer on the impacts of yoga, including reversal postures, on sadness in youthful grown-ups, of ages ranging from 18 to 29, at the LA University of California. The study was also published in the year 2004 in the, “Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine,” Journal.

The sample had almost no past yoga encounter and had no past psychiatric treatment done as such. Subsequent to participating in inversion yoga two times in every week for total of five weeks, they were assessed and their depression particularly was enhanced. A lot of times, this constructive outcome was felt on the fifth week term and the depression stayed away for the length of that time.

It is additionally intriguing to note that levels of cortisol stayed low during the inversion yoga treatment.

Different studies have recommended the same and have revealed that endorphins’ level increases after inversion treatment. It appears that the whole endocrine process is improved by this treatment.

Has Ant-aging Benefits

Inversion treatment is considered to stop one from appearing older because of its benefits. This treatment seems to have come as near as the myth of fountain of youth.  A significant part of the aging procedure is a the gradual decline of your basic organs, a diminishing in your adaptability, a development of poisons in the body, and a bringing down of the oxygen and supplements that are essential for brain and other vital parts of the body. In Peter Russell’s book entitled, “The Brain Book: An Owner’s Manual,” he examines inside and outside; the part that oxygen plays in the aging procedure.

This book gained popularity, and only barely thirty years after the fact, has as of now turned into an exemplary due to the immortal insight it contains. Subside Russell made it clear that expanding your oxygen levels could fight off dementia and other negative impacts related to aging. Things being what they are a couple of minutes of inversion treatment a day is a standout amongst the most dependable approaches to enhance the levels of oxygen to the body and especially the brain.


As discussed above there are a numerous advantages of inversion treatment. Inverting is considered to be one of the most ideal approaches to rapidly enhance your wellbeing and begin feeling more energetic, more youthful, and more physically appealing.

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